About Us

Rooted in Service. Driven by Community.

Our Promise

To always provide comfortable and personable service while building a relationship with our members.

We offer a  sense of familial comfort each time someone calls us, walks in the door, goes through our drive-through, or interacts with us online. We ensure a solid member experience and want to build a long lasting relationship with all of our members.

Our Mission

To serve our community through responsible banking, promoting financial literacy, and supporting local philanthropic efforts.

We believe our members deserve to be rewarded for choosing us to help them with their financial needs. As such, we put any monetary reward received back into the hands of our members. We foster growth in our member’s lifestyle through financial education courses and events. We also remain heavily involved in our community and regularly give back through charity. We are here to serve our community. We focus on putting the fruits of our efforts back into the community by offering the best possible banking options for our members. Secondly, we offer services and programming that promotes financial literacy and wellbeing. Lastly, we give back to the larger communities of our members, and non-members alike, through charitable giving.

Our vision for the future

To be a leader in community banking through superior service and technology.

Because we are driven by community, we tailor our services and technology around the needs of our members. Your needs are always top priority. We offer the same, if not better, technology than the big banks while providing stellar service. This has and will continue to keep us one step ahead of big banking.

Our Story

First Oklahoma Federal Credit Union has been deeply ingrained in the community from the get go. For almost 100 years, we have been faithfully catering to the underserved. We proudly offer a small bank feel with big bank amenities.

In our early years, we were known as the Tulsa Postal Employees Credit Union. In that time, we worked to service the banking needs of federal postal workers and their families. Since then, we have grown into a full service credit Union which is open to all. We currently offer banking in Tulsa, Osage, Pawnee, and Okmulgee counties.

We are passionate about continuing to foster growth and expanding our reach into all areas of our community. First Oklahoma Federal Union believes in changing the course of our members lives through financial literacy and compassion. We are building a foundation that will afford us the opportunity to bring our much needed services into many more regions in the coming years.

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Our Values


We strive to be transparent and speak to you honestly. As part of our community, your experience is our number one priority.


We make it a focus to teach and promote financial literacy for our members and community.


Each and every visit will feel more like walking into your own home than a credit union. Our representatives will treat you like family and always go the extra mile.

We put your needs first instead of our own.

Technology built for you

We realize and understand what technology means in people’s lives today. We strive to offer the most advanced technology available - including everything one would find at a big bank.

Always a direct Line

We keep the line of communication open. Every employee is trained to give the same level of quality service from the tellers to our CEO. You will always be welcome to have an open and honest conversation with any one of us.

You are First

As a credit union, our motives are driven by helping people not profits. We are here only because of our members’ support . As such, we not only value our members but we return any surplus into their hands.

Serve the underserved

We actively seek to help underserved communities get the financial service they deserve. Our service is rooted in the community and geared toward caring for the average citizen.

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