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Low Rate and No Annual Fee!

We asked our members what they wanted in a VISA card and they all said one thing: Low Rate. So at First Oklahoma Federal Credit Union, we are proud to present one of the lowest-cost credit cards available. There's NO Annual Fee. NO cash advance fee.

Don't be misled by other cards that claim a lower rate. Their rates are almost always variable, which means that they are tied to an index which can fluctuate, and go up... and up...and up.

Our low rates will stay low. So you can use our card to consolidate your other credit card balances and ensure substantial savings in finance charges. And, because of our long-standing commitment to low rates, you'll enjoy those savings not just at first, but year after year. To cut your costs with our no-annual-fee VISA, just fill out a VISA Application Form.

There's simply no substitute for a great, down-to-earth value.

As an added convenience for our members, you can now check your FOKFCU VISA Credit Card account on-line at

Experience the Benefits of a FOKFCU Visa Classic Credit Card.

  • Accepted at over ten million locations worldwide
  • Generous Limits Available
  • Auto Rental Discounts
  • No annual fee
  • No Transaction fees for Purchases
  • No Cash Advance Fee
  • No Balance Transfer Fee
  • Free Verified by VISA Fraud Protection
  • No Minimum Finance Charge

You can now pay your FOKFCU VISA card online at

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