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Visa Platinum Rewards Credit Card

Enjoy convenience and affordability with our truly low-rate, no-fee credit card.

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Great Rates

We understand how frustrating it can be to apply for a credit card with overly high APRs (annual percentage rates) that leave you swimming in debt. That’s why our credit card is different. We offer one of the lowest-cost credit cards available anywhere. Most other cards have high interest rates that make it hard to manage your payments. Our card comes with rates at or lower than the national average. It’s simple and cost-effective to use our card to consolidate your other credit card balances and ensure substantial savings in finance charges.

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Generous Credit Limits

The generous limits on our VISA credit card makes it easy to use our card first and most often for your major purchases, saving you money on interest. Beyond that, our card offers reward points on your purchases. You can receive auto rental discounts and more, helping you save money, manage your credit better, and enjoy the purchases that matter most to you.

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No fees

Make the most of your purchases and what you spend with a card that doesn’t hit you with annoying, costly charges. With our VISA classic credit card, you pay NO annual fee, NO cash advance fee, NO transaction fees for purchases, NO minimum finance charge, and NO balance transfer fees. Instead of canceling a card with fees you can’t afford, you can keep this account open as long as you like, which helps boost your credit rating. And you have more flexibility in your budget because you don’t have to factor in costly credit card fees.

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Fraud Protection

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re protected from fraud when you’re making purchases online. Our credit card comes with free, no-fee, Verified by VISA fraud protection that adds an extra layer of protection to your spending. The Verified by VISA program helps to keep your credit and your money safe by ensuring your online transactions are secure, fast and convenient. By verifying the identity of the card user, Verified by VISA helps prevent misuse of stolen card information. Whether you’re using a desktop, mobile or other digital device, you can shop online with confidence.

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Apple Pay and Google Pay

Use your Visa Platinum card with Apple Pay and Google Pay and enjoy simple payments online and at point of sale. Setting it up takes only minutes and you can use your card on a multitude of devices. Up tp 85% of U.S. retailers now accept digital payments making it easier and faster than cash or cards. Protect yourself from fraud and skimmers with the most secure ways to pay using this technology.

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24/7 Account Access

Managing your credit card payments and reviewing recent purchases is simple and convenient with eZCard. Simply log on to your card’s online account at, where you can check your FOKFCU VISA credit card account anytime, anywhere. This unlimited online account access allows you to make a quick payment whether you’re working 9 to 5 or you’re on the late shift. Plus, card holders who have a checking or savings account here can also pay their account in our offices, making access even more convenient. Members may also make payments through the FOKFCU banking app and website.

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Auto pay

Make it easy to manage your finances by signing up for auto payments. It’s simple to sign up through eZCard. Imagine the convenience of scheduling payments just once, so that you don’t have to worry that you’ll get busy or forget. There are no fees to use auto pay, and you can schedule your monthly payments to hit your checking or savings account when it is best for you. Our members love the ease of this process, which helps you avoid paying interest for those occasional oversights in making a payment on time.

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Made for the members

When we asked our members what they wanted in a credit card, they all said one thing: they wanted a card with a low interest rate. And it’s easy to see why! A low-interest card makes it easier for you to build your credit score, instead of racking up more debt due to high monthly interest rates on what you spend. At First Oklahoma Federal Credit Union, we take your needs seriously, and we’re committed to helping our members make the most of their finances for long-term success. That’s why we are proud to offer our members one of the lowest-cost credit cards you’ll find anywhere in Tulsa. You can enjoy a truly affordable credit card with great benefits — including no annual fees, free access to your credit score, rewards and more. Our credit card makes it easy for you to accomplish your goals, without stress, and with the pride that comes from knowing you’re managing your finances well.

Consolidate your Debt with a Low interest Card

When it comes to making good decisions about your credit cards, one of the best decisions you can make is to move all your credit card debt to the lowest interest rate card possible. This process transfers what you owe from several cards onto one, which makes it easier to keep track of your outstanding bills and payments. Our FOKFCU VISA card is an excellent choice for your credit card consolidation needs. It’s easy to transfer balances from high interest cards to our low-interest card. You end up making more payments toward your actual balance instead of racking up added interest charges. It’s a smart way to pay down debt and gain more financial freedom. And by paying down debt instead of incurring more, you can raise your credit score, opening up even better options for loans, rentals, and employment needs.

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Balance transfers - 1% cashback on transfers

  • When you transfer balances from other credit cards to your FOKFCU VISA credit card, you enjoy the added bonus of 1% cash back on the amount you transferred. This helps you lower your debt immediately, an extra benefit that helps you get back on your best financial footing quickly.

Rates stay low - We won’t raise your rate if you miss a payment. 

  • Our interest rates are guaranteed to stay low, which is better for your finances. And we won’t raise your rate if you miss a payment, so there’s less stress on you and your family.  

Scorecard Rewards

ScoreCard Rewards is a rewards program that gives our members points for qualifying purchases made on their credit card. For each $1 you spend using your FOKFCU VISA Credit Card on your everyday purchases such as groceries and gas, you earn one point. You can easily track your point balance by visiting And when you’re ready to redeem your points, simply choose from a variety of items available through the ScoreCard Rewards program, including merchandise, airfare, hotels, travel packages, and more.

  • Easy points - Every $1 you spend on a qualifying purchase earns you 1 point. And there are plenty of local deals that multiply your points up to 10x, helping you earn those points faster.
  • Rewards market - Use your points to enjoy a variety of great rewards, including travel, local concert tickets, digital downloads, electronics, and much more. 
  • Great options - Looking for more than the usual merchandise? The ScoreCard Rewards program includes options for redemption such as charity, daily deals, drawings, and auctions, so you can spend your points in many ways.
  • Time to earn and redeem - You have up to 36 months after earning your points to spend them, giving you time to earn more and redeem as you choose.

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