Share Debit Accounts (Checking)

Simple checking the way it should be.

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First Oklahoma Federal Credit Union offers you the ease and convenience of a share draft (checking) account. With an initial minimum deposit of $50.00, you can open your share draft account and enjoy these great benefits:

  • Direct Deposit available
  • Carbonless duplicate share drafts make storage and record keeping simple
  • Monthly statements (coming soon – electronic statements)
  • Overdraft protection from shares or personal line of credit (prior approval required)

Connect your Debit Card to Apple Pay and Google Pay Today!

No Fees

No per share draft fee


To open an account


ATM/Debit Card


To open your share draft account, simply print the application and return it to us either by mail or in person. If we do not already have valid copies of your (or any other persons on your account) identification, we will need that information before your account will be activated. If you are mailing in your application, we require two copies of valid government issued identification, one of which must have your picture. When opening an account by mail a clear copy of the identification “blown up” to at least 200% of the original must be submitted with your application (for all users of the account) along with your initial deposit. If we cannot see a clear image of your picture, your account will not be opened. FAXES CANNOT BE USED. ACCOUNTS OPENED BY MAIL WILL NOT BECOME ACTIVE UNTIL INFORMATION IS VERIFIED.

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