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How Signature Loans Serve Your Needs

Ready to gain control of your money and put yourself on firmer footing in your finances? Personal signature loans don’t require you to put down collateral, just your signature and a good faith promise you’ll pay back what you borrowed.

Signature loans are useful for just about any situation you may be facing:

  • Consolidate Debt - A personal signature loan helps you pay off credit cards and other loans, so you have only one convenient, low-interest monthly payment to keep track of.
  • Pay Off Medical Bills - We can help you get back on your feet after a medical crisis with a loan that covers old medical debts and puts an end to calls from collection agencies.
  • Home Improvement - Personal loans are great for covering maintenance and improvements that add value to your home, like a garage apartment or new siding.
  • Home and Auto Repairs - Unexpected expenses can arise when your car breaks down or your home needs repairs—a perfect time to request a personal signature loan to cover the repair costs.
  • Business Expenses - At times when your small business can benefit from extra cash, a signature loan is a good option for bringing finances into your business quickly.
  • No Collateral - Unsecured (but still good APR) - There’s no need to stress about overly high interest rates. As a credit union, we offer affordable APRs even on loans that require no collateral—making the loan process as easy as possible for you.

Why Rates Are Lower at Credit Unions Rather than Banks.  

When it comes to taking out a loan and paying it back, interest rates matter. And that’s where working with First Oklahoma Federal Credit Union rather than a traditional bank or lending service really makes a difference. 

Unlike banks and lenders that are driven by making money for their executives and stockholders, credit unions are not-for-profit. Any profits we make get put right back into our members. As a result, depending on your credit history, we are able to offer you lower interest rates than you’re likely to find just about anywhere else.

These lower interest rates make it easier for you to handle your loan payments. They lessen the impact of debt on your life and help you get back to firmer financial footing, without the burden of high interest payments.

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Signature Loan Rates

12 Months ( 78 Bi-Weekly)
As Low As 10.900% APR*
18 Months (104 Bi-Weekly)
24 Months (130 Bi-Weekly)
36 Months (156 Bi-Weekly)
As Low As 11.900% APR*
As Low As 13.650% APR*
As Low As 15.650% APR*

* Exact rate depends on credit history. Contact CU for details

What is a personal Signature Loan?

So, what is a personal loan, and why do they help consumers so much? The answer goes back to 2008. Before then, consumers had limited ways to borrow money—mainly bank loans that were hard to obtain without strong credit, high-interest credit card debts, or loans against collateral like jewelry. 

But after the 2008 recession, the need for affordable loans became clearer, and a new option emerged: personal signature loans. These loans are easier and more manageable for many people, and they offer many benefits:

  • Simple — Signature loans are straightforward. Simply choose the amount you want to borrow and sign the paperwork. That’s it.
  • Convenient - Personal loans don’t require you to supply collateral. And you can use the funds for many purposes, making it easy to use your personal loan in the way that is best for your situation.
  • Fast - Once you complete your application, we immediately put it through our approval process. Approvals are normally made within one business day, so you know quickly where you stand.

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