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Set Your Children Up for Financial Success

  • The Value of Teaching Kids Early about Money
  • Handling finances wisely is one of the most important skills your child will ever need. From budgeting, paying bills and saving for expenses to staying out of debt making smart investments, your children will have many financial decisions to make in their lives. By teaching young kids and teens to save money now, parents can help their children avoid financial mistakes and have savings set aside for their future dreams, like buying a car and attending college. 
  • Using a Savings Account Helps Kids Learn about Money
  • Did you know children as young as three years old can understand the idea of saving and spending? When young  kids learn good financial skills, it’s easier for them to call on those skills as they grow up. When you set up a children’s savings account, you’re not only saving money for your kids. You’re also teaching them to enjoy the rewards of savings, such as knowing where their money is and planning ahead so they have money when they want to buy something for themselves.
  • 5 Tips for Teaching Children About Money Management

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max money

Leader of the Superhero Savers. Lover of bikes, saving money and adventure! Max grew up in the suburbs of Savings City.  As he grew up, Max’s parents knew he was different. The ability to understand f counting and  numbers from a young age really set Max apart early on. Max was quite a bit ahead of his peers in school, so much in fact, that he was bullied for it. Thankfully, Max came from a good home, with both his Mother and Father available for him whenever he needed. He talked with his parents about being bullied, and they concluded that since he was so far ahead in school, some kids saw him as a threat. Not because he was dangerous, but because Max was not having any of the troubles the other kids were having with their math homework, and some kids resented him for that. To help make things better, Max and his family, along with the school, decided to start an after-school tutoring club with those who wished to participate.

Account Features

Teaching children the value of saving money at a local credit union is a powerful way to show them how the world works. As they visit the credit union to make deposits, kids can

  • Quarterly Newsletter  
  • Enjoy fun activities, recipes, game ideas, and other entertaining ways for kids to learn about math and money.
  • 1% interest on savings  
  • Help your children discover the value of investing with a savings account that rewards them with interest on their deposits.
  • Birthday Card with surprises 
  • Your child will celebrate their special day with fun birthday surprises from their friends at the credit union!
  • Quarterly drawings for awesome prizes 
  • Savings is even more fun for kids when they realize they get rewarded for money management by having a chance to get cool prizes.
  • Easy to open
  • Get started with just $5 to open your child’s savings account. There’s no minimum balance to maintain, and no age restrictions. The account works like our regular adult savings account.

sally save

Founding member of The Superhero Savers. Active-Sporty-Glue of the group. Sally grew up in a small, lonely town of 900 people. As a child, Sally had to grow up very quickly. A car accident her father had when she was young left her responsible to take care of her father. Sally’s father had given up on most things since the accident. Sally was doing her best to help her dad, but it became too much for her to do by herself. So, Sally moved from that small town with her father to Sally’s Grandmother's house. Luckily for Sally, she was able to attend school in Savings City where she met Max for the first time. Talking with Max really piqued her interest in this tutoring program for kids, so much so that she decided to help Max get the tutoring club off the ground.

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We make banking easy with our convenient account access:

  • Co-op Banking  
  • Do your banking and your child’s banking at any of our co-op locations around the nation.
  • Online banking 
  • Check balances, make deposits, and transfer money with our convenient online banking options.
  • Mobile App 
  • Our online banking app for adults can be downloaded on your phone and tablet for even easier online account management

kenny credit

Tutor and Educator. Kenny Credit was no average kid. Kenny went to Savings City School for the Gifted. Unlike Max, Kenny’s parents were already a part of the Savings City School system because Kenny’s dad was the headmaster. Mr. Credit knew about Max from peers within the school system, and he kept a watchful eye on Max while he was growing up. When he was made aware of the tutoring club, Mr. Credit told his son Kenny to join this club, keep a close eye on Max and the others, and report back with details of how the club was going, and what was being talked about. 

There are many fun family activities that help kids learn about money.
  • Have a competition — Challenge your kids to save over the summer, and give the biggest saver a little bonus. This teaches consistency and the value of earning interest.
  • Talk money at the store — Show your children how to judge how much they’re getting for what they spend, explaining how to make good spending decisions..
  • Set a goal — Ask your child to choose something they want to buy, and then help them save up until they can afford to purchase it. This teaches patience.
  • Practice spending — Give kids pretend money and then look through ads, letting them to decide what to buy. Explain the difference between wants and needs.
  • Give and take — Help children discover the value of reusing, recycling, and donating by encouraging them to periodically give to a local thrift store. For fun, let them also shop for a cool used item they want, so they can see things don’t have to be expensive and new to be worthwhile.

penny pincher

Rebel and Motivator. Penny Pincher was born in the same suburb as Sally Save. Penny did not have the best upbringing. She grew up in a children’s home because she lost both her parents at a young age. As a child, Penny was always on the move, up and walking before she even learned to crawl. There was something special about how quickly Penny was able to grasp things. When she was young, whenever she was shown how to do something, she did it immediately, never having to have something explained to her twice. Everything always came easily to Penny, enough so that she didn’t think she should even have to attend school growing up because she thought she could learn anything she wanted on the fly with no problem.  Penny knew of Sally leaving town, so she left and went to Savings City to see what the fuss was about. If it was worth it for Sally to go, Penny thought, “Why not?” “I’ll give it a try too.”