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The Credit Union will finance 100% of the retail value up to $30,000.00. Terms are available up to 84 months.Please provide a buyers agreement (listing all accessories) showing the year, make and model as well as VIN#.

Boat Loan Rates

36 Months ( 78 Bi-Weekly)
As Low As 6.200% APR*
48 Months (104 Bi-Weekly)
60 Months (130 Bi-Weekly)
72 Months (156 Bi-Weekly)
84 Months (182 Bi-Weekly)
As Low As 6.950% APR*
As Low As 7.700% APR*
As Low As 8.450% APR*
As Low As 9.200% APR*

* Exact rate depends on credit history. Contact CU for details

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