Skip a Payment with a Payment Holiday

Need a little extra cash in your pocket? Have an unexpected expense come up? Here’s an alternative to taking out a small loan. A$25.00 transaction fee will be charged for each loan processed. Funds will be debited from a FOKFCU deposit account. If there are no funds available, the payment holiday will not be processed.

We allow you to skip one month’s payment (two bi-weekly payments*) anytime on all of your loans or on a particular loan. LOANS CANNOT BE DELINQUENT AT THE TIME OF THE REQUEST. First payments are not eligible to be skipped. Applications and approvals are required for all skipped payments and the application must be received at the credit union office before the loan due date. In certain cases, we will require applications to be signed by all parties who signed the original loan agreement(s). THIS OFFER DOES NOT APPLY TO ANY LOAN SECURED BY REAL ESTATE OR TO CREDIT CARD ACCOUNTS. If you choose to skip a payment, finance charges will continue to accrue on any balance, the maturity date of the loan will be extended and your regular payment schedule will resume the next month. If your loan is paid through direct deposit, those funds will be deposited to your share account.

*In the event there are three (3) bi-weekly pay periods in a month, we will allow you to skip the first two (2) pay periods of that month.Please complete and return to the credit union.

Payment Holiday Application

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List out your debt

Paying off debt can be a common goal. But the first step is making a list of all that you owe. Create a list of each of your debts, how much it is, and its interest rate. Once you have your list completed you can figure our a way to pay off your debts-or reduce them- over the next 12 months.

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